You can use either Dropbox or iTunes to transfer backups from one device to another. 

Avaz offers cross-platform compatibility - you can sync content (backups) between your iPad and Android devices seamlessly. 

Note that the Dropbox method: 

  • Requires internet connectivity, while the iTunes method does not. 
  • Requires a Dropbox account
  • Is the only method to use if you want to transfer content between iPad and Android devices (the iTunes method will not work with Android).

Steps to transfer content using Dropbox: 

    • Take a backup of Avaz on your iPad (source device) (Settings > Backup & Restore > Create a backup). Click here to read How to take a backup for more detailed instructions.

    • Link to Dropbox (Settings > Backup and Restore >Link to Dropbox) and sign-in to your Dropbox account. This transfers content from the device to your Dropbox account. Note: if you don’t have a Dropbox account, you will need to create one.You will see the backup file in Dropbox under Apps>Avaz folder or Apps>Avaz Lite folder(for the Lite version). Click to read for more detailed instructions How to copy the backup to Dropbox

    • Now, in the target iPad, link to the same Dropbox account (Settings > Backup and Restore >Link to Dropbox). This copies the backup from your Dropbox account to the destination device. Once copied, the backup will be visible under Restore from Backups.

    • Restore the backup by tapping the backup file that is displayed. (Settings > Backup and Restore > Restore from backups). This will restore the backup to Avaz app. 

    • You will be asked if you wish to Append or Replace the existing content. 

    • The Append option will add the new backup as a separate folder at the root level, without disturbing the existing vocabulary in the device.
    • The Replace option will replace the current vocabulary with the new backup. 

Brief video of how to sync content between two devices using Dropbox. 

Note: If you don't have access to internet or a Dropbox account, you can still transfer the backup via iTunes

Click How to copy (transfer) a backup between two devices using iTunes