What is ALI?

Research has proved that Aided Language Input (ALI) or Aided Language Stimulation (ALS) is one of the most effective strategies for facilitating communication for a child with complex communication needs. ALI is also called Modeling - where the communication partner is encouraged to speak to the child using the same AAC app /device in the same manner that they expect the child to use

Every day is filled with plenty of communication opportunities for the child. A typically developing child is exposed to around 30 million words in the first 3 years of life and learns language by repeated exposure to various sounds, morphemes, words and sentence structures, before they are able to generate language on their own. It is no different for children using speech devices; they need to see the device being used and see repeated use of language before they are able to generate it on their own. This can only happen if the entire team surrounding the child are motivated to make consistent use of the same AAC app to the child under all environments - be it at home, school, class, with friends etc. Besides, the use of the AAC device by the adults surrounding them, would allow them to perceive it to be an accepted mode of communication. 

We encourage the use of ALI using Avaz by all communication partners - family members, peers, siblings, friends, to model language on the device to increase their exposure to receptive language, besides being motivated by interacting with different people.

Why ALI?

This is a strategy that is too powerful to ignore. Here is why?

  1. Helps the child learn AAC faster
  2. The child gets that much more exposure to language
  3. Helps adult (parents and teachers) get familiar with the AAC so that it becomes easier to customize or trouble shoot.
  4. Expands our sphere of influence, to get the entire team that supports the child to also start using AAC
  5. Motivates the child to use it 
  6. Makes the AAC a more "accepted" form of communication for the child

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