Modeling has been researched to be one of the most effective strategies and the easiest to implement, to facilitate communication. 

What is modeling?

Modeling is also known as Aided Language Input or Aided Language Stimulation. It is a strategy where all the communication partners (parents, teachers, and therapists) use the same AAC system themselves, to communicate with the child. This helps the child to learn the use of AAC by observing its usage by the partners and learning to mimic the same. 

How do I do modeling ?

Whenever you speak to the child, use Avaz simultaneously and point to the words you are speaking. Make sure that you have the attention of the child while using Avaz. 

  • Attention: Gain the attention of the child 
  • Speak: Speak out the message while pointing to it on Avaz
  • Point: Point to the icons on Avaz while forming a message to communicate 
  • Continue: Use this method constantly in every interaction 

How many words do I model - single words or full sentences?

You don't need to model every single word you speak. You can model at a level that is one or two words above the level of your child. E.g. if the child communicates in single words, you may model 2-3 words while speaking to the child. 

For example, when you want to tell the child "Let's eat some cookies" :

If the child is new to AAC, you can start by modeling one word - tap the word "eat" on Avaz, while speaking this entire sentence aloud. 

If the child is already at a single word level, you can model two words - tap the words "eat" and "cookie", while speaking the entire sentence aloud. 

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