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What was the basis for choosing the core vocabulary and whose list does Avaz use? 

The Core words selection, approach and design of the Avaz picture vocabulary was based on the following research findings:

Core Words

  1. Banajee's Toddler words- Banajee, M., DiCarlo, C. & Stricklin, S. (2003). Core Vocabulary Determination for Toddlers. Augmentative and Alternative Communication, 19, 67-73.  The core words on this list comprise 96.3% of the total words used by toddlers in the study conducted by Banajee, Dicarlo, and Stricklin.
  2. Preschoolers list of Core Words - Marvin, C. A., Beukelman, D. R., & Bilyeu -1997
  3. NLDAAC by Gail Van Tatenhove - Gail Van Tatenhove, G. (2005). Normal Language Development, Generative Language & AAC. revised October 2007 

Approach to vocabulary design 
Avaz vocabulary has 3 graded levels of vocabulary. These are based on the following principles: 
  1. Language function and early Generative Language - Gail Van Tatenhove
  2. Brown's stages of language development