You can add photos in Avaz in the Edit mode. Avaz allows you to take a photo (using the iPad’s (device) in-built camera) or upload existing photos from the device's Photo gallery. 

1. Tap the Edit button 

  • Tap the Edit button on the top panel (in between the Settings and Search icons) to enter the Edit mode. The icon now turns red in color to indicate that you are now in Edit mode. 

2. Select the item you want to add a  photo to

  • Tap the item to select it. The item displays a tick mark to indicate its selection. 
3. Tap the Change button to change the item attributes
  • This opens the Edit item window. 
    • Take a photo
      • Tap the Take Photo button or the Camera icon (for versions 4.2 and above) next to the Find Symbols box. 
    • Choose a photo from the device Gallery
      • Tap the Choose Photo button next to the Camera button to choose a photo from the device gallery. Select the photo and tap the Use button to load the photo in the icon. 

You can also add photos from Google search, right from within the app. 

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