For Avaz version 8.0 and above 

Avaz offers various grid sizes, ranging from 15 pictures per screen to 117 pictures.

All the words available in the lower grid sizes are interconnected with the words in higher grid sizes, ensuring continuity in motor planning while expanding access to a broader vocabulary. Any customization made in the vocabulary that is set at a particular grid size is automatically applied to the vocabulary in higher grid sizes, enabling users to seamlessly transition to higher grid sizes without losing their personalization. This flexibility facilitates smoother transition to larger grid sizes.

The grid sizes offered in this version and above are - 24, 40, 60, 77, 96, and 117 pictures per screen.

To adjust the number of pictures displayed per screen:

  1. Tap Menu
  2. Go to Settings 
  3. Go to Picture Mode. Tap Pictures per screen (Grid Size).

  4. View the options of pictures per screen available and select from it.

For version 6.6+

Avaz offers grid sizes, from 1 picture per screen to 77. 

To change the number of pictures per screen:

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Pictures per screen (Grid size) under Picture Settings.
  2. There you can set various options for grid size. 


For version lower than 6.6

Avaz supports multiple picture sizes. The number of pictures per screen can be set as per the child 's visual and scan capabilities. 

Tap Settings > Pictures per screen (under Picture Settings section), to change the number of pictures per screen. 

Avaz basically supports 3 picture sizes for which the vocabulary has been optimized - 15 pictures (level 1), 24 pictures (level 2) and 40 pictures per screen (level 3). It is recommended to keep this setting in sync with the vocabulary level for which it is optimized, since this ensures consistent motor patterns for the child as they progress from one level to the next.  

Note : The three levels of vocabulary are not linked to the Pictures per screen for Avaz India and Avaz Dansk.