Understanding AAC - 

AAC Implementation related 

For Visual impairment

What are the settings for visually impaired users?

For CP users 

What are the settings for users with fine-motor difficulties ?(e.g. .Cerebral Palsy etc.)


What are switches? - some examples

Heather Peters using switches

Our Go-to websites for anything to do with AAC and implementation:

  1. PrAACtical AAC - www.praacticalaac.org
  2. Caroline Musselwhite’s site - AAC Intervention - http://www.aacintervention.com/
  3. Jane Farral’s app list - http://www.janefarrall.com/aac-apps-lists/
  4. Spectronics Blog (Jane Farrall) - http://www.spectronics.com.au/article/jane-farrall-4
  5. Kate Ahern’s blog - Teaching Learners with multiple special needs
  6. Communication matters - www.communicationmatters.org
  7. Dana Neider family blog - Uncommon sense blog
  8. PODD & ALI - http://lburkhart.com/handouts.htm

Webinars to view (related to implementation)