Response time and resolutions  

    • Ensure 24 hour response time to New tickets (the earlier the better)

    • Set important Issues / Bugs to HIGH/ URGENT priority

    • Follow up on urgent / high priority tickets (use the View 0-Urgent-Pending issues)
    • Everyday - track and follow up with the URGENT, followed by HIGH priority issues 

    • Follow up with customers after 3 days if no response from them. 

    • For issues,

      • mark the ticket as resolved after the issue is resolved and acknowledged by the user. Else follow up with the user until he acknowledges that the solution worked. 

    • For Queries (e.g. discount-related or pricing related etc.) provide the details, and mark the issue as RESOLVED. 

    • For all types of tickets, provide the 2nd level of detail through TAGS. E.g. Queries - Q-discount-related, etc. 

Prioritizing ticket responses

  • Respond to new tickets first (to ensure first response within 24 hours) 
  • Follow up on urgent / high priority tickets (use the View 0-Urgent-Pending issues)
  • Respond to customer replies (blue tags)
  • Start following up from the last ticket and work backwards for following up on rest of the tickets (preferably
  • At any point of time, ensure number of open tickets is maintained within 10-15 tickets

Ticket fields 

The mandatory fields are to be compulsorily filled before closing the ticket. Try and fill as many details are known for the the optional ticket details as well; this helps in querying on it later and is useful for the SALES and MARKETING teams. 

Product (optional)
    • Select the product if it is known
Country (optional)
    • Select Country if it is known (the email id can be an indicator as well)
        Type (ticket type - mandatory) 
  • Query 
  • Issue 
  • Bug 
  • Feature request

  • Request for evaluation copy

  • Others

Contact Type (optional) 
    • Parent
    • SLP
    • ATC / ATS  Consultant / AT Specialist / AAC Specialist
    • Medical Professional
    • Other professionals
    • End user
    • Others
Contact Status (optional)
    • Prospect
    • Paid 
    • VPP
Priority (optional)
    • Low
    • Medium
    • High (Set to high if issue requires attention and follow up)
    • Urgent (Set to urgent if issues need immediate attention)

Status (ticket status - mandatory)

    • Open
    • Resolving
    • Pending
    • Resolved
    • Closed

Ticket details (brief) - (mandatory)

    • Enter brief details about the ticket. 
    • The content of this briefly captures the essence of the ticket issue / change request
    • Note this is an important and mandatory field to be filled before marking the ticket as resolved.
  •     It is to be added to provide more details related to the Type of ticket. 

            Click here for more details of Tags. 

When do I set a ticket as resolved?
  • It is not sufficient to respond to a customer with a solution / suggestion and close it. 
  • A ticket can be set as resolved only AFTER getting a confirmation from the customer that their question was answered / issue has been resolved.
  • If a user has not responded, send a reminder after 3 days. 
  • If a customer has not responded to a mail after 3 mails sent by us, we can mark it as resolved. 
What are urgent or high priority tickets?
  • If the ticket type is a bug or an issue
  • Those that require immediate attention - with urgent issues (e.g. app crash), unable to sync dropbox etc. - anything that stops the customer from using the app or causes a lot of inconvenience to the customer

NOTE Last updated on 11 Nov 2019