From Ramjee

Please find the attached Invoice templates. Sending these templates further to our recent discussion.

So far me & Sathish shared these Invoices based on the request from Indian Institutions. I'm using this from my D.O.J & I will convert this as PDF to share in mail. As per my knowledge we didn't share any Proforma Invoice & Purchase Invoice to the Non-Indian Organisations. Institutions that do not have the provision to do the online purchase will reach us to get the Proforma Invoice & then they will transfer the mentioned amount through NEFT (or) they will send us the cheques.

Proforma Invoice - Normally Universities / Central Govt. Organisations / PSU's need this to get prior approval from Finance & other departments. Please refer to the BVP (Bharatiya Vidya Peeth) Proforma in the Template. Even to purchase 1 unit of Avaz on 50% discount, they need this & then we have to send them a purchase Invoice, once they transfer the amount to us.

Invoice - We used to send Invoice (or) Purchase Invoice to clients after ensuring the payment credit. This Invoice must contain the payment (NEFT / Cheque) information. Recently we sold 12 Lifetime units of Avaz to Latika Roy Foundation & Row Number 30 contains the Instrument details.

Important Note : Both the Invoices contain GST % details so it is applicable only to the Indian Organisations. Apart from the App purchases, we can use the same templates to issue invoices (Not Proforma Invoice) for TT / ACAP / Aarambh Fee based on demand.    All our services (TT / ACAP / Aarambh) Fee are including GST, so if you're sending any Invoice, you have to calculate the Fee including GST.   Recently I issued one Invoice to CMC, Vellore since the department paid ACAP Fee for 4 SLPs.

It is better to engage me always to share such Invoices to keep a track & to do follow-ups.  So if you & your team is sending this to any clients please keep me in loop without fail.