The Dashboard icon is a new addition to Avaz. It is available for Avaz versions 4.1 and above of Avaz Lite and Avaz Pro only. It is not available for any of the other international versions of the app. It provides the window to the Caregiver training modules, a very critical part of the communication intervention. 

Where can I find the dashboard icon ?

The icon is on the main home page of the Avaz Picture mode. It is visible in middle of the top menu bar (see the screenshot below).

Why is Caregiver training important?

For successful communication intervention, we strongly believe that every member of the team that supports the child (parents, family, teachers, SLP, OT, PT, aides, para, shadows..) plays a crucial role in determining the success of the intervention. Avaz is the world's first communication app that includes modules for caregiver training, with therapist-approved strategies and best-practices, simple, practical ideas and tips that are applicable for creating communication opportunities during day-to-day activities. With the right training, the team supporting the child can accelerate his communication and language development.

The two vital components of the training are Learn Strategies (Comm Adventure) and Practice Sentences. 

What does the Dashboard offer ?

The Dashboard icon opens a page with a wide range of common daily activities. Most activities are locked except the first one and you will have to go through the following to unlock and gain access to the next activity: 


  1. Practice Sentences
  • It suggests conversation ideas for each activity
  • It makes you fluent with the vocabulary layout
  • Click here to learn more about What is Practice Now (Sentence)?
      2. Learn Strategies
     3. Tips and Resources
Your Avaz usage is being logged automatically and we present the Analytics of your usage through the Analytics section. Click here to read  about the What kind of Analytics does Avaz provide?

Click here to know What are the activities included in the Dashboard? 

Screenshot of the Dashboard icon

The Dashboard (for Caregiver training)