Comm Adventures is a series of fun and interactive games that helps you learn communication strategies that you can use during any activity and in any environment and setting. It is an essential part of the Caregiver training. It empowers the caregiver by imparting simple yet effective tips and global best practices followed by therapists world wide. 

How do I access the game?

You can access through the Dashboard, by tapping the Learn Strategies button within an activity. 

Click here to see What is the Dashboard?

In each activity, you are are presented typical day-to-day scenarios with Johnny, a 7-year old boy with complex communication needs and are offered possible conversations options to pick from. With every response that you choose(right or wrong) there is a learning associated with it. If you play the game over a series of activities, you will learn the various strategies in a fun-filled manner, without poring over manuals about how to teach communication to your child! 

Sample screenshots of the game for the activity: Mealtime conversations