The Dashboard is not Available for Versions 6.6+

The Practice mode is an important part of caregiver training, available in the Dashboard. 

What is the objective of Practice session ?

  1. It suggests conversation ideas for each activity (a set of 18 conversation sentences for each)
  2. It makes you fluent with the vocabulary layout in Avaz, so that you can easily locate words to model, while making sentences to speak to your child. It takes you from a state of "hunt and peck" to "slide and glide"! 

How does the Practice session work ?

When you tap the Practice Now button for an activity, you are presented with a number of sentences, related to the activity, to practice sentence formation. Tap each sentence to see how to form it in Avaz. 

Practice mode assists you to learn word layouts, using visual hints, such as arrows and icons wiggles, to help you learn the navigation and the location of words. 

Activity : Having a mealtime conversation


Sample Practice Sentences for the activity : Mealtime