For Avaz 4.0 and above

When Avaz is being used, Avaz usage is tracked automatically. This tracked data can be viewed more meaningfully in the form of charts, using the Analytics feature. 

The Analytics shows two charts - Words Used and Time line. You can view the list of words used on Avaz during a specified period of time. You can choose to view only frequently used words or all words during the period, by adjusting the scale.  You can also view it either as a Word Cloud or a Radar chart. The chart also displays the percentage of core vocabulary used during the period. The Timeline displays the Mean Length of Utterance. 

How to access Analytics?

In Avaz Together : Dashboard -> Analytics button in the top menu bar

In Avaz, Settings->General->Show Analytics - see the screenshots below for the various Analytics. 

For Avaz versions lower than 4.0

Tracking data is an option that has to be turned ON. (Seettings -> Tracking-> Start Tracking)

Once it is turned on, it tracks all usage of Avaz until the tracking is turned OFF. Refer  Data logging or Tracking in Avaz.