You can move words and folders from one location to another using Copy and Paste buttons. 

  1. Tap the Edit button (pencil icon) on the top menu bar, to switch to Edit mode. 
  2. Select the icons that you want to copy or move, by tapping the icons. If you select a folder, the selected folder along with its words and sub-folders are copied. 
  3. Tap the Copy button on the right navigation panel. Now the Copy button turns into the Paste button. 
  4. Navigate to the destination folder where you want to paste the words, and tap the Paste button, to paste the copied items. 
  5. Note that Copy-paste does not "move" the icons, but duplicates them. 

Note: You can also use the Export-Import button to copy and paste pages from one location to another. Click to read How to copy pages from one location to another using Export-import.