You can save and retrieve frequently used phrases and sentences using the Save and Load buttons which are present in the keyboard mode. 

These messages can be saved in any of the keys on the keyboard - alphabet keys (a-z), number keys (0-9) and Quick Response keys (the six keys present just below the Message box - Yes, No...). 

You can use this feature to customize your Quick Response keys for different messages. These are the row of words that are displayed in the keyboard mode, just below the Message box and above the Predicted words. 

How to save a message: 

  1. Write the message (a phrase, sentence, or paragraph) in the message box. 
  2. Tap Save
  3. Tap on any of the keys on the keyboard to save the message in that key. 
  • For example, you can save the message ‘Good morning’ under the letter ‘m’, and ‘Good night’ under the letter ‘n’ to help you remember more easily.

        How to retrieve or load a saved message: 

  1. Tap Load. This highlights the keys which have pre-stored messages. 
  2. Select the key, with the message that you want to retrieve. This displays the stored message in the message box. 


       How to delete or clear a saved message

  1. Clear the sentence box by double tapping the delete key. 
  2. Tap the Save button. 
  3. Tap the button that you want to clear. This saves the cleared message into the key that you want erased, In effect, this deletes the stored message. 

     How to modify or change a saved message: (either in the keyboard keys / Quick response keys)

  1. Write the changed message on the message box. 
  2. Tap the Save button. 
  3. Tap the highlighted key, where you want to change the message. This overwrites the existing message with the new message. 

View this brief video to see how to save and retrieve messages.