You can access the recently spoken sentences (History) from the keyboard mode. This includes the sentences spoken from the picture mode as well. 

In version 6.6

  1. Navigate to the Keyboard Mode
  2. Tap on the "Favourites" button located at the bottom-left corner of the screen. 

  3. From there, tap on the "History" button to view a list of previously spoken phrases or words. 


For version below 6.6

  1. Tap ‘Load’. 
  2. The prediction bar now turns into a history bar, showing the last few sentences spoken out. These are the words displayed just above the numbers on the keyboard.
  3. Tap the word you want to use and it is displayed in the Message  box. 
  4. Scroll the bar to the left to view more sentences. 
  5. Note that this captures only messages that are spoken from the Message box (tapped to speak). 

We had considered providing a History feature for the picture mode as well, but we felt that having multiple ways of creating a message with pictures would complicate generalization skills in children with autism.