This feature is available in the earlier versions of the app. It is not available in the latest released version (ver 6.6)

When you install and run Avaz for the first time, the Settings Wizard will take you through the Avaz Settings to help you get familiarized with the various settings and to help you set it up for your child's unique needs. 

Using Settings Wizard you can quickly configure some of the more important settings according to your child’s needs, by answering a few basic questions about your child's individual needs. You can access it by tapping Settings > Settings Wizard(under General)  

You are required to answer the following questions to set it up: 

- name, age, gender - this will allow you to choose a voice that is appropriate for him .

- his communication mode - this will help set up the appropriate vocabulary level 

- his audio, visual and motor needs - this will help set up the contrast display, audio options of what to speak, and screen swipe modes

- his social needs - this will help set up his messaging options for social media (message / email / facebook / twitter) and class participation

The settings selected are only a rough indication. The option needs to be fine tuned based on your own experience and based on how the child responds to the various options. you can overwrite any of these settings by individually selecting the options from the Settings menu. 

Here are some of the common settings that you may find useful : Common Settings

Settings Wizard from Settings Menu