There are several settings that you can choose from, for Predicted words in the keyboard mode. You can set these up from Settings > Prediction under Keyboard Settings.  The following are the options that you can set up for prediction:

Prediction settings
  • Turn Prediction on/off 
    • Set Prediction to ON/OFF
  • Turn on/off the display of pictures for predicted words
    • Set Predict with pictures to ON/OFF.
  • What to Predict
    1. Next word prediction - this turns on/off the prediction of the next word in the prediction display.
    2. Current word prediction - this turns on/off the current word prediction, as you type the letters. 
    3. Phonetic match - this turns on/off the phonetic match of words. Click here to read more about How Phonetic match works.
  • When to Predict
    • Prediction delay
    You can introduce a delay in prediction by setting up a delay of 1-5 seconds. This means that prediction will kick in after the specified delay, which gives the child a chance to attempt it on his own before the predicted words are displayed. 

    Screenshot showing the Prediction Settings