In version 6.6

What is Phonetic Match feature in Avaz keyboard? 

Avaz offers a Phonetic Match prediction feature that suggests words based on their sound (. For instance, typing "oshan" will result in the suggestion of "ocean" and typing "nife" will result in "knife". This feature is particularly helpful for individuals who struggle with spelling. 

To activate the Phonetic Match setting, 

  1. Go to Menu > Settings 
  2. Tap Prediction settings > What to Predict section. 
  3. Set "Phonetic Match" to ON
    Example: When you type ""oshan,"" you will see ""ocean"" suggested in the prediction bar.

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In version below 6.6.

To enable this setting, tap Settings > Prediction and turn ‘Phonetic match’ to ON to enable this. 

Example 1 : Note how the word phone is prompted in the prediction bar, when you type the word fone

Example 2 - Note how the word Spaghetti is prompted in the prediction bar when the letters 'spug' are typed. 

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