Avaz runs on the following platforms:

1) iOS

Avaz  runs on iPads, iPad Minis, iPad Pros and iPhones 

Avaz app runs on iPhones for specific apps only e.g. Avaz AAC, Avaz AAC Lifetime*

* This list may get extended with newer releases. 

The minimum configuration is that the iPad and iPhone should run Apple's iOS version 11.0 or above.



Avaz does NOT run on iPod and iPod Touch.


2) Android tablets and Android Phones

There are thousands of Android devices (more than 15,000 devices) available, of varying sizes, made by hundreds of manufacturers. However, all Android devices cannot support Avaz

Minimum and recommended specifications required for running Avaz.  

Recommended Specs: 

- Android ver 8.0 and above

- Screen size - 8" and above.

- RAM - 2 GB and above

- Storage / Internal memory - 32 GB 


Minimum Specs: 

- Android ver 7.0

- Screen size – 6"

- RAM - 2 GB

- Storage / Internal memory -  GB free space 



  1. Avaz does not run on Windows, or any other platform, other than Android and iOS.  
  2. If your Google Play Store says that your device is not supported, then you will not be able to load Avaz on that device.
  3. Parts of initial set up runs in Portrait and a large part runs in Landscape mode.
  4. We are device agnostic and therefore list the recommended and minimum specifications required for running Avaz. 

List of Android devices that we have used for testing Avaz : 

Here are the list of devices we’ve successfully used for testing:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A -OS 7.1.1

  2. Moto G4 - OS version 7

  3. Lenovo Tab - OS version 7.1.1

  4. Asus Zenfone OS version 8.1.0

  5. Samsung ON7 Pro - OS version 6.0.1

  6. Opp A5 2020 - OS version 10

Note: Apart from these, there are many Android devices that are compatible with Avaz as mentioned in the minimum specifications criteria listed above. 

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