Avaz runs on the following devices and platforms:

        1) iPads 

Avaz runs on iPads, iPad Minis, iPad Pros 

The minimum configuration is that the iPad should run Apple's iOS version 9.3 and above


Avaz does NOT run on iPhones, iPod, iPod Touch.

2) Android tablets and Android Phones

There are thousands of Android devices (more than 15,000 devices) available, of varying sizes, made by hundreds of manufacturers. But,  all Android devices cannot support Avaz

Hence we have provided the recommended and minimum specifications required for running Avaz.  

Recommended Specs: 

- Android ver 6.0 and above
- Screen size - 7.9" and above.
- RAM - 2 GB and above
- Internal memory - min 32GB

Minimum Specs: 

- Android ver 5.0
- Screen size – 5"
- RAM - 1GB
- Internal memory - 1GB free space



If your Google Play Store says that your device is not supported, then you will not be able to load Avaz on that device.

Some of the Android devices that we have tested in our office include Samsung, Google Nexus, Lenovo etc. 

Avaz runs only in Landscape mode.

Note: Avaz does not run on Windows, or any other platform, other than Android and iOS.  

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