Avaz offers the option of converting the picture vocabulary to an Avaz Book, that can be mailed and printed as an Avaz Book (hard copy) or a low tech board. 

What is Avaz Book ?

Avaz Book is the low tech version of Avaz vocabulary that can be maintained as a physical book. You can convert your Avaz picture vocabulary into a PDF format that can be mailed and printed and laminated and carried around anywhere. 

It is always useful to have a low-tech version of your Avaz content as a backup, as there are times when your child may be unable to use the device  - e.g. when the device is charging, or under repair, while bathing, or at the swimming pool etc. This book makes the child's "voice" always available to them anytime and anywhere, regardless of the functioning of technology. 

You can convert a specific folder (and its subfolders and messages) or even a page, to the Avaz book. 

Important: Trying the convert the entire vocabulary to PDF is not advisable as it may take a very long time or even make the app unresponsive. 

How to create Avaz Book for printing ? 

  1. Go to the Folder that you want printed (if you want the entire content go to Home /  appropriate level of vocabulary)

  2. For Avaz versions 6.6 or above: 
    1. Tap Menu button 

    2. Tap Tools button 
    3. Under Low tech, tap Create an Avaz book with Activities
  3. For Avaz versions below 6.6: 
    1. Tap the Edit button to enter Edit mode.
    2. Tap the icon with 3 dots (...) at the right bottom of the navigation panel
    3. Tap the Create Avaz Book option. 

      Common for all versions
  4. This creates and displays the Avaz book within a few seconds. See Screenshot #2
  5. You have the options of either mailing it or saving it (Note that this option is available only for paid / subscribed versions and not in the free trial version.)
    1. Mail - You can mail it, by tapping the mail icon (on the top bar) in the Avaz Book display window (the middle icon in Screenshot 2 below). 
    2. Save - you can save it in iBooks / Kindle, by tapping on the 1st icon in top bar, in the Avaz book display window (see Screenshot 3 below) and choosing the suitable option. 
    3. Note that this option is available only for paid / subscribed versions and not in the free trial version. Also see How to access Avaz book from the iPad 
  6. Once the Avaz book is saved on your iPad, you can print it like how you print any other documents from your iPad, through AirPrint. Click here to see more details for How to use AirPrint to print from my iPad

Screenshot 2 - options for Mailing or saving Avaz Book 

Screenshot 3 - how to copy Avaz Book to iBooks

Watch a 30-sec video on how to convert to Low-tech PDF (video based on Avaz ver 4.x)