Tthe latest Avaz Pragmatic Vocabulary promotes motor planning, by retaining the core words in consistent positions across all folders that contain the words. The Avaz Pragmatic vocabulary is available in Avaz Pro and Avaz Lite versions (from version 4.0 onward). 

We have 3 levels of vocabulary :

- Level 1 (15 pics / screen)

- Level 2 (24 pics / screen)

- Level 3 (40 pics / screen)

While the child progresses from one level to the next, the words remain in consistent locations as the number of pictures per screen increases, so that the motor pattern remains consistent. 

The Avaz Pragmatic vocabulary organization is different from the vocabulary of the earlier versions, in that it is organized in a manner that encourages pragmatic communication (e.g. describing, commenting, greeting, asking a question, responding, protesting, etc.). We have tried to have each word in only one location (per level) , rather than replicating them across folders, so that the motor patterns and pathways remain consistent. 

If you have updated to Avaz 4.0, you would have retained the earlier vocabulary. However, you may opt to use the new Avaz Pragmatic vocabulary.  You can do this by the following steps:

  1. Tap Settings > Backup & Restore > Restore Avaz Pragmatic vocab 
  2. This resets the vocab to the new Avaz Pragmatic vocabulary. 

Note that the use of the Pragmatic vocabulary uses the horizontal page scroll, as against the vertical page scroll in the earlier version of vocabulary. 

If you are restoring the Pragmatic vocabulary, ensure that you take backups of the existing vocab before you reset it, in case you wish to revert to the earlier version.