You can customize the content by changing the image for any word in the Update item window. You can change the symbol or add your own photos from the device gallery or click your own photos. 

To change an existing word :

  1. Tap Menu > Edit words from the top right corner. (Tap Edit directly for earlier versions). 
  2. Tap the icon that you want to change the picture. 
  3. Tap Change icon from the top. This opens the Update Word window. See screenshot 1. 
  4. Enter the word for the new image in the Find Picture box. See screenshot 2. 
  5. You can change the image in 3 ways: 
    1. Add another symbol (stick-symbol) from the Symbolstix library. 
      1. , tap Symbols. This fetches all the images from the Symbolstix library that's included in the app. 
    2. Add photo from the internet 
      1. To get a photo from the internet, tap on Internet icon.
    3. Upload a photo from your device gallery
      1.  Tap the Gallery icon. Browse your device gallery and select a photo to upload. 
    4. Click a photo 
      1. Tap the Camera icon to shoot a photo. 
  6. Tap the Save button on the top right corner to save the new image. 

Screenshot 1 : Change word

Screenshot 2: Find Picture (for Avaz v6.6 and above)

Screenshot: Find Symbol (for Avaz ver less than 6.6)

To change the image

Avaz uses the Symbolstix library which contains a rich collection of more than 50,000 symbols. You can search the library to find new symbols of your choice. 

  1. Tap the Edit Icon on the top right corner - this takes you to the Avaz Edit mode and the Edit icon becomes red in color. 
  2. Tap the icon that you wish to change - it gets selected with tick mark. 
  3. Tap the Change button and this opens the Edit window for the icon.
  4. Enter the text in the Find Symbol box and tap the Search button on the keyboard to search for images in the library. E.g. enter "dog" to search for symbols of dogs. 
  5. A default image is displayed on top and you can scroll through the searched images from the library, by tapping the right arrow on the right of the image, until you find a suitable one. 
  6. Tap the Done button on the top right corner to save the image for the icon. 

Watch this brief video to see how you can do this. 

Note: This is a video of Avaz version 2.0 but applicable till less than ver 6.6 with some minor UI differences. 

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