Avaz Together is now integrated into Avaz!

We have very recently merged our apps to consolidate the variants of Avaz into a single app, Avaz 4.1, as it was getting confusing for the users to differentiate between the various flavors of Avaz, and cumbersome for us to manage and support the variants. Hence, we have merged Avaz Together and Avaz into a single app, Avaz!  All the features of Avaz Together are being integrated on Avaz and we have removed Avaz Together from the App-store. 

Note that Avaz Together is no longer be available for download on iTunes. 

But don't worry! We are now in the process of helping all our Avaz Together users to migrate to the new Avaz 4.1, so that you can continue getting updates without a problem.

To summarize, 
We now have the following two apps on the app-store:
• Avaz Lite (free download and subscription version) -http://apple.co/1KVf9Nq 
• Avaz Pro - VPP (paid version for schools and one time purchasers) - http://apple.co/1QmeJOa 

Both have identical features and will now include the erstwhile Avaz Together's caregiver training modules as well.

Why did we do this?
Avaz Together was aimed at caregiver training, in addition to being a full-featured Avaz App. But due to the popularity of the training module and based on customer requests, we have decided to extend the same caregiver training modules to Avaz app as well. So, to simplify the product portfolio, we have removed Avaz Together, which was just Avaz Pro under a different name.

What to expect with the change of app?

Avaz Users 
After you update to Avaz 4.1, you will now have access to the new additional caregiver training modules (through the Dashboard button) at NO ADDITIONAL COST! The app remains unchanged otherwise.

Avaz Together Users
Avaz Together app will continue to work exactly the same for you. However you will not receive any further updates on Avaz Together, unless you migrate to Avaz app. So we strongly recommend that you migrate your app once we send you instructions on how to go about it. 

To migrate the app, you will receive a mail with instructions (from support@avazapp.com). We will hand hold you through the migration. This will be a few simple steps that we will guide you through to install the new app and migrate your customized data, if any. You can write to us at support@avazapp.com if you are facing any issues.

Price-revision of Avaz:

Given that the new Avaz 4.1 has now got additional caregiver training modules added to it, the app had to undergo an upward price-revision, given our investments in technology and content creation. This price increase wouldn’t impact our existing users. Avaz is now priced at $199.99 and continues to be one of the most cost-effective AAC apps.

Here is the blog post that talks about the change over Launching Avaz 4.1 .