Channels for providing Avaz Support :

1. email support (mails sent to

TOOL used - Freshdesk




This email id is for all versions of Avaz except the French version - Avaz Francais is supported through and handled separately by Olivier, our partner in France.

2. in-app chat

Accessible from Help button ("?" icon) on every screen. 

Tool used - Freshchat (from Freshdesk)

 URL -

 login - / Avaz@1234 and then change the name to your name under Profiles

3. Facebook user group (Avaz Users Facebook Group)

URL -  Click -

India facebook group Avaz India Users (facebook group)

Danish facebook group - Avaz danske brugergruppe - handled by Tanja, our volunteer and later partner

French facebook group - Avaz en Français -handled by Olivier, our French partner 

4. Whatsapp user group - SCAN Avaz Yatra


This Group group has been created by Deepa (mother of Sarvajeet) for Parents of SCAN (Special Child Assistance Network), a support group for special needs families. The purpose of this SCAN Avaz group is to enable using AVAZ – a Picture and Text based Communication App for children with communication challenges. The Users of AVAZ all over India, AVAZ team and the beginners are all under one roof in this group for effective use of AVAZ App.

Follow this link to join  SCAN Avaz Yatra WhatsApp group: -

5. Telegram user group - Avaz Yatra SCAN Telegram Group

If you don't have Telegram app, download it here:

After downloading Telegram group, click here to join Avaz Telegram group -

Note: We do not provide any onsite or telephonic support as of now.