Release Notes and Release History (latest on top)

Version 6.6.6 (May 2023)

New features added: 

  1. Touch Accommodations (To customize touch response based on user's motor capabilities)
  2. Photo Editing - Crop, rotate, choose the best picture for the word


  1. Improved readability - long phrases and words are no longer truncated on buttons


Version 6.6.5 (16 March 2023)

Avaz AAC App on iOS (Version 6.6.5) released on 16 March 2023 is a consolidated version of all the apps of the different languages that were previously existing as individual apps! The individual language apps have been removed from the App store and will no longer be supported. 

The languages consolidated into this app includes: 

  • English (US)

  • English (UK)

  • English (AU)

  • English (India) and 6 regional languages 

  • Magyar (Hungary)

  • Français (France)

  • Svenska (Sweden)

  • Sinhalese and Tamil with English

  • Føroyskt (Faroe Islands)

  • Dansk (Denmark)

In the new app, you can select the language while logging in to the app or later, from Settings. 

How to select the language?

New features

  1. Auto backup 
    You can now set up Avaz to automatically backup your content once in 7 days /15 days. 
  2. Delete backup
    You can now delete the backups directly from within the app. 
  3. Cloud backup options
    You can now backup your content to Google Drive and iCloud, in addition to Dropbox. 

    Click for details - Release Notes for Avaz AAC Ver 6.6 

Avaz Pro and Lite - 5.0 - released on 30 Sept 2019 

-  Introduced

    - Auto-clear button (Setting) to clear Sentence box after every sentence

    - Displaying saved sentences in Keyboard mode

    - Swapping icons in picture mode 

- Updated the UX for

    - Sharing a message

    - Moving icons from one location to another

- Squashed bugs for

    - Camera orientation while taking a photo

    - Space bar delay

Avaz Pro and Lite - 4.4 - released on 24 Mar 2018

  1. Avaz Live is now fully functional and easily accessible!
    Start an Avaz Live session and connect remotely with a therapist or a parent. You will be able to share your screen and remote control the other person's Avaz app to help them add vocabulary and modify settings to suit their need

Avaz Pro - 4.3.1 - released on 24 Jan 2018

  1. Fixed the Dropbox synchronization bug. This came up after Dropbox stopped supporting an API that we were using in the app. 
  2. Resolved the issues with the Web Search for images. 
  3. Fresh new interface for in-app help Chat.

Avaz Pro and Lite - version 4.3 - released on 20 Sep 2017

1. AirDrop available to transfer Avaz vocabulary seamlessly across iPads.
2. Search bar to help Model a word
3. Fixed the problem for web search for images from Avaz. The problem had come up, after the third party software (from Microsoft) was not supported.

Avaz Pro version 4.2.6 and Avaz Lite 4.2.6 - released on 10 May 2017

New features added:

  1. Added 60 and 77 icons / screen in Settings
  2. Removed the Web Search option from Edit window in Picture mode, due to withdrawal of Bing Search API support from Microsoft.

Avaz Pro version 4.2.5 and Avaz Lite 4.2.5 - released on 21 Feb 2017

Fxed the voice issues with the Ivona voices (mispronounced words) that some users were facing in the app. 

Avaz Lite version 4.2.2 and Avaz Pro 4.2 - released on 30 Jan 2017

All internatioal versions were also updated.

  1. For making the changeover from Parse to NodeChef - Updated all international versions too.

Avaz Lite version 4.2.1 - released on 18 June 2016

  1. This was to resolve the Lite app crashing issue - caused by a specific part of Avaz code (API) that was no longer supported by Apple, after update to iOS 9.3.1

    Avaz Pro and Avaz Lite version 4.2 - released on Nov 2015 

New features added
  1. Two new (school-time) activities added to Training Dashboard - Circle Time and Arts and Crafts
  2. My sentences button added to Dashboard menu - Click here to see How to create your custom sentences and learn to model them 
  3. Tele-therapy through Avaz Live (beta version) (Settings > Avaz Live beta). How to use Avaz Live for Tele-therapy?
  4. Search and add images from the web, from within the app (inside the Edit screen).Click here to see How to add images from the web?
  5. Custom images added in picture mode are displayed in Keyboard mode(in prediction and message box), when the word is typed.
  6. High Contrast setting is applied to Keyboard mode also. Click here to view How to turn on the High Contrast setting?
  7. Zoom settings are applied to Keyboard mode also. Click here to view What is the Zoom setting?
  8. FAQ icon is added to help icon ('?'), for easier access. Read How to access FAQ from the app.
  9. Auto-capitalization of "i" to "I" in keyboard mode. 

Avaz version 4.1

New features added in Avaz 4.1:

1. Integration of Dashboard feature into Avaz main page
2. Unlocking criteria for Activities has been changed
3. The words in Practice sentences that are missing in Avaz are highlighted
4. Alert message is displayed on how to unlock each activity

Enhancements :
1. Long press of the top bar icons remove 

Avaz VERSION 4.0

New features added in ver 4.0

 1. Print Avaz Book – convert Avaz vocabulary to low tech format (Avaz in PDF format).

2. New modified vocabulary that facilitates pragmatic communication*

3. Horizontal scrolling of vocabulary* New modified vocabulary that facilitates pragmatic communication*

4. Free positioning of icons in Edit mode
5. Data Analytics instead of tracking – graphical representation of Avaz usage through charts
6. Import and export vocabulary at folder level (via Dropbox)
7. Cross-compatibility of backups between Avaz and Avaz Together
8. Double tap to enter the category in Edit mode
9. Mandatory login for Avaz Pro
10. Text messaging as a new option to Share messages from message box (Share on social media)
11. Copy message to clipboard – automatically copied when tapping message box to speak
12. Other language voices (26 additional voices via Apple voices)
13. Other language keyboard in Edit mod (via Apple keyboard)
14. Show Settings password, if forgotten
15. Top bar menu buttons are not activated by a long press instead of the normal tap.
16. For exiting edit mode, the normal tap works. 

*Users upgrading from v2.x or v3.x to 4.0
- Will continue to be able to use the earlier voices if they choose to retain it during upgrade
- Will continue to use the same vocabulary and scrolling that they had earlier
- Will additionally have their old vocabulary as a backup in the app (Settings->Backup & Restore -> Restore from Backups)
15. Fixed bug of Avaz's unexpected close, running on iOS 8.3
16. Avaz supported on iOS 8.4 

Avaz 3.2.3

  1. Touch sensitivity control and same as 3.1 features
  2. -'opt-in' for the demo 
  3. User sees the prompt to 'opt-in' for the demo, after 5 minutes of the App usage, whichever comes earlier
  4. -Setup a variable for controlling Parental Gate from Apptimize
  5. Randomly some users gets full-access to the App, without registration and some users gets full-access to the App only after registration.Avaz app title has been changed to Avaz - Help Kids with Autism Speak - Free AAC App for Autism
  6. compatibility with android 5.0 lollipop version

Avaz 3.1 

1. Prediction
- Spell checking along with prediction.
For example you type fone, it will give suggestion as 'phone' or you try spelling 'ocean' as 'oshan' and it will give correct prediction

2. Ivona voices
- New high quality voices from Ivona. IVONA voices have been consistently ranked the best text-to-speech quality in several independent studies

3. Faster & Simpler editing
- Now you can create multiple words at a single go!
- You can also edit multiple items at a time

Avaz 3.0

Subscription version (Avaz Lite) introduced from version 3.0 

1. Morphology
2. Settings Wizard
3. Video Tutorial
4. Tracking - pause and stop button
5. Replace image with text in Edit mode
6. The empty Search window lists existing folders alphabetically, and can be scrolled to view.
7. Help screen icon changes - tutorial, Guide, Review

8. Chat

9. Debug mode