You can quickly add multiple words or folders at one go in Avaz. This is a huge time-saver, as it not only adds the words but also adds the images and color codes (background colors) automatically. 

  1. Tap Menu > Edit words to get into Edit mode. (For earlier versions tap Edit button on the top right.)
  2. Tap 'Add New' icon on the top left. 
  3. Tap the Many words at once option. (For earlier versions tap Add many items together option.) This allows you to add multiple items at one go.
  4. Add several words separated by commas, and categories preceded by a '-'.
    1. e.g. bread, butter, jam, pizza, -fruits, apple, orange, banana
    2. All these words are added to the current page. The images of the words are automatically added (as found from the Symbols library in Symbolstix). The icons are also assigned the default color code automatically, based on their part-of-speech. 
  5. The new icons are added to the end of the page. You can rearrange the icons within the page by dragging them to any location. 
  6. You are free to change any of the items' properties by using the Change icon. 
  7. Tap Done button on the top left corner to save the changes. 

Screenshots for Avaz v6.6 and above

Screenshot: Edit > Menu Add New 

Screenshot: Add New > Many words at once

Screenshot: Adding many words, comma-separated

Screenshot: Words added successfully

For Avaz versions less than v6.6

Screenshots to show how to add multiple items