Merging Avaz Together with Avaz

We have recently merged Avaz Together app into the Avaz app. All the features of Avaz Together have been integrated into Avaz and we have removed Avaz Together from the App-store. 

Sorry for making this a long post, but we think this is important for you to know! 


Why are we doing it ? 

Avaz Together was aimed at caregiver training, in addition to being a full-featured Avaz App. But due to the popularity of the training module and based on customer requests, we have decided to extend the same caregiver training modules to Avaz app as well. So, to simplify the product portfolio, we have removed Avaz Together, which was just Avaz Pro under a different name.


To summarize:

We have the following two apps on the app-store:

• Avaz Lite (free download and subscription version) - 

• Avaz Pro - VPP (paid version for schools) - 


What to expect with the change of app ?

Avaz Together will continue to work exactly the same for you; however you will not receive any further updates for Avaz Together, unless youmigrate to Avaz app.

How to migrate Avaz Together to Avaz app?

To migrate the app, use this promo code <promocode> and follow the steps below:

  1. Take a backup from Avaz Together*
  • Take a backup of your current Avaz content (Settings > Backup & Restore > Create a Backup)
  • Link to Dropbox to save the backup in Dropbox (Settings -> Backup & Restore -> Link to Dropbox = ON)
  • Install Avaz 4.1 
    • by redeeming the promo code given. Please ensure there is sufficient space available on your device (more than 2GB free space)
    • To redeem the promo code:
      • Tap the App Store icon on your iPad
      • Tap the ‘Features’ tab at the bottom
      • Now scroll down and tap the ‘Redeem’ button and enter the promo code
      • This will install Avaz on your iPad. Note that the code needs to be redeemed within 3 weeks from now. 
    • Open the newly installed Avaz app. Tap on Settings and scroll down to the bottom to ensure that the version number reads as 4.1.
  • Restore the backup*
    • Now login to Dropbox from your computer. 
    • Go to Apps>Avaz Together folder. You will find the backup that you have just saved. 
    • Move this backup to Apps>Avaz folder in Dropbox
    • From the app, link to Dropbox.This transfers the backup from Dropbox to the new Avaz app on the device.  
    • Restore your backup. (Settings->Backup & Restore -> Restore from backups)
  • Once your backup is restored, delete the Avaz Together app.
  • Note*: If you have not made any changes to Avaz Together for personalizing it, you can ignore the following steps : 1 and 3. 

    Ensure that you are using the same Dropbox account throughout.  

    Congratulations! You have now migrated Avaz Together app to Avaz app. 

    How will this affect my child?

    Nothing has changed in the app except the app icon! The functionality remains identical.  

    However, we understand how much of an impact this seemingly small change in Avaz(change of icon) might have on some children and hence we would like to fore-warn you about the same. For some kids, it makes a big difference when they are used to seeing and doing things in a specific way, and it gets changed to something different, they can get very disturbed. We would like to avoid this and want to make this transition as smooth as possible for your child. Hence we urge you to prepare your child, by explaining the difference in the app icon, so as to set his expectation in advance. 

    Avaz Together  is now  Avaz.