Avaz Live is a feature offered from Avaz version 4.2 onwards for iOS only.  Note that this feature is not available in the Android version of the app. 

Avaz Live is useful for doing teletherapy by the therapist, through remote access to the parent's device. 

Watch a brief video here How Avaz Live works for teletherapy

Screenshots of how it appears for the therapist and parent

How to activate teletherapy between the therapist and parent?

  1. For both parent and therapist - Tap Settings > Avaz Live (experimental version) to access Avaz Live.

Avaz Live window is displayed on the therapist's and parent's screens. 


    If you are a therapist:

  1. Tap Start New Session. The Live ID and password are displayed on the therapist's screen. Send the Live ID and password to the parent to enable their login and access. Send this through email/message or phone. 

    If you are a parent: 

  1. Tap Connect to a Session. This can happen only after the therapist has started a session. Else there would be an error. 
  2. Enter the Partner's Live ID and password as given by the therapist. Now both the devices are connected to the session and both devices will display video sharing. 
  3. Now share your screen by tapping the Share Screen button on the right panel. This will allow your app screens to be shared on the therapist's device. The therapist's device will reflect the parent's app screen. 

        Note: this requires both the vocabularies (parent's and therapist's vocabularies) to be the same. 

How to chat

The parent and therapist can exchange messages in the chat window below.

How to take control of the parent's screen?
  1. Either the therapist can tap Request Control or the parent can tap Request Assistance on the right panel, to grant control of their screen to the therapist.

  1. Once the control is granted by the parent, the therapist can now take control of the parent's app and the therapist's actions are mirrored to the parent's app.

  2. The therapist can do the following on the parent's app which is reflected in the therapist's screen. 
    1. Tap on images in picture mode - the tapped images are hinted visually in the parent's app as a wiggle of the same icons in the parent's screen, as the therapist taps them. 
    2. Type words in the keyboard mode - as the therapist types, the typed words are displayed in the message box on the parent's screen.
    3. Add a message or category and these will reflect in the parent's app. Note that custom images added by the therapist will not reflect in the parent's app.
    4. Change settings e.g. pictures per screen and the changes will reflect in the parent's app.

    E.g. of the therapist changing settings on the parent's app from the therapist screen

  3. Note that while the control of the app is with the therapist, the parent cannot use Avaz for that duration. 
  4. To stop screen sharing and access, the therapist can tap the Give up control button. Similarly, the parent can tap the Revoke Assistance button to regain control over his screen.