Sometimes if there are too many photos in your Avaz content, the app size may become very large and may result in not get copied or backed up due to lack of space. 

Sometimes if there are too many photos in a single page (under a single folder/ category) the page may become too heavy to load, with the number of photos it has. This may result in the page being unable to load and crashing the app when you open the page. 

Note that photos have a much larger size compared to the Symbols used in Avaz. 

You can try any of these steps to optimize the page size or app size:

  1. Try to replace (where possible) some of the photos with symbols from the Avaz library of images, which are much smaller in size.
  2. Try to reduce the size of the photos / images by converting them to different formats with lower file size. (e.g. .jpg would be a lower file size compared to .gif) . You can use image-editing software like Photoshop or even Paint to change the file type.
  3. Try to split the page into two sets that can have half the number of images and try again. 

Online tools

You can also use the following free online tools to resize and reduce the size of your images, and upload them after that.