You can transfer Avaz content very easily from one iPad to another via AirDrop.  This is the most recommended option to transfer content, since it is much quicker and easier to do this. Besides, this does not require internet connectivity, nor cables to connect between the devices. 


1. Take a backup of Avaz in the source iPad. 

    Go to Settings > Backup & Restore > Create new backup. This creates a new backup of the Avaz content. 

    For details click here - How do I take a backup of Avaz content     and what will it contain?

2. Select the file to be transfered. 

     Go to Settings > Backup & Restore and tap on the Backup that you just created, that you want to have transferred. 

3. Share via AirDrop (Refer to Screenshot #1)

    This opens a pop up with an option to Share Via AirDrop. Tap that option. It opens up the window with a list of visible devices to share with. 

4. Select the device (Refer to Screenshot #2)

    Now turn on AirDrop in the receiving(destination) iPad, from it's Control Center. You will see the name of the destination iPad in your source iPad. Click on the device name to     which the backup has to be transferred. 

5. Receive the incoming file 

    Accept the incoming file in the receiving iPad. It would be directly received at the and you will be able to see the same backup under Settings > Backup & Restore. 

6. Restore the backup

    In the receiving iPad, tap the Restore button to view the list of backups. Tap on the backup that is recently transferred, to restore the backup in the receiving iPad. You will         have the choice to Append or Replace the existing content. You can choose appropriately. 


1. Screenshot for selecting Share Via AirDrop

2. Screenshot to select the receiving device for transferring the file.

3. Screenshot for accepting the incoming file.