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Avaz Australia is a version of Avaz that is completely customized for an Australian environment, with high-quality Australian voices, an Australia-centric vocabulary. Avaz Australia was localized and is being supported by Zyteq - one of Australia's leading companies specialized in assistive technology and AAC. 

"Avaz has a very clean presentation and is very intuitive to use. 3/3 stars" - Jane Farrall, AAC expert


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The app is free to download. Users get full access to pictures and high quality voices FREE for the first 2 weeks. After that the symbols and images are no longer available in the app. To resume using the app, users can buy either a monthly auto-renewing subscription or 

Privacy policy - www.avazapp.com/privacy

TOS - www.avazapp.com/terms-of-use

In-App Purchases (prices are in AUD)
  1. Avaz 1 month Auto Renewing Subscription $14.99
  2. Avaz Lifetime subscription $169.99 

What's New

Version History 

Version 4.4

1. We have added an entire parent training module to Avaz in this version!
2. You can have virtual conversations with an AAC user in the app itself - try the Communication Adventures
3. We have added Avaz Live to this version, where you can have a video call with your therapist/educator and they can control the device remotely!
4. You can now search and images from the internet within Avaz itself.
5. We have finally fixed the Dropbox issue that some users were facing.

Contact Us

Avaz Australia is supported by: 

Zyteq Pty Ltd. 

PO Box 190,


VIC 3205

Website - www.zyteq.com.au

email        info@zyteq.com.au

Phone:     (03) 9696 2944

                 1800 818 353 (free call outside Melbourne)


Technical Support

email - support@avazapp.com