Here is the recording of the four-part webinar series of Learn to Communicate - Q&A Sessions - with AAC Specialist, Lauren S Enders! Each session is for 30 minutes. 

Part 1

Oct 2nd 2019  

Part 2 

Oct 8th 2019

Part 3 

Oct 15th 2019

Part 4

Oct 23rd 2019

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Core Vocabulary

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Core Word Lists:

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Vocabulary Questionnaire 

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Encouraging Communication

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Wetherby and Pryzant - Communicative temptations (1989)

For developing literacy 

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Parent blog

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Here is an older but excellent article on the dangers of excessive prompting - click here 

Refer to attached documents below for the following: 

- Prompting hierarchy ALSLP

- Gail Van Tatenhove's prompting hierarchy

- Kate Ahern's umbrella prompt hierarchy

- Rachel Langley's prompt hierarchy

- PRC's prompt hierarchy