You can gradually transition the user from pictures to text by fading away the visual picture prompts that are available, and moving over to the text mode.  

In Picture mode: 

  • Turn off the pictures in the Message box (Settings > Pictures in Message box)
  • Increase the caption(text) size of the button (Settings > Caption size)
  • Try turning off images on some of the words so that it displays only the text. This can be tried for smaller words, to begin with. (using the X symbol on the top left corner of the image in the Edit mode). This promotes sight-reading. Gradually increase it to more words. 

In Keyboard mode: 

  • Start modelling words in the keyboard mode.
  • The pictures in predicted words are useful during the transition, and can be turned off to fade the visual prompt. (Settings > Prediction > Predict with pictures = OFF)
  • Encourage the user to start sharing messages via Text messages / facebook / mail real life scenarios, such  as creating a shopping list. (Settings > Share Avaz messages=ON). This enables the user to get more practice and motivation. 
  • Use SAVE button to save frequently used words /phrases / sentences that the user can often refer to.