This is a quick reference chart, highlighting the key features of the app. For more details refer to Avaz FAQ

Note: The red text indicates features that are unique to Avaz.

Platforms, Pricing, Languages
PlatformsiOS (iPads, iPhones), Android(tabs, phones)
Pricing plansLifetime, Subscription (Free trial/ Monthly / Annual / Lifetime)
LanguagesEnglish, Danish, Swedish, French, Vietnamese, Faroese, Sinhala, Indian, Hungarian, Australian ..

Share MessagesWith any app (e.g. mail, Whatsapp etc.)
Backup & RestoreConnect to Dropbox, Create / Restore backup, Restore original vocabulary
Settings Wizard
Auto-clear Message box
Picture mode settingsMessage box ON / OFF
Pictures in Msg BoxON / OFF
Pictures per screen1,2,3,4,8,15,24,40,60,77
Caption(text) SizeNo text(ony image), Small, Med, Large, Only text
Caption(text) positionAbove / Below
High ContrastON / OFF
Color codingNo / Background / Stripe
Zoom on selectNo / Fast (speed) / Medium / Slow
Home Screen Select folder
Auto-home each timeON / OFF
Page SwipeON / OFF
Quick/Core buttonQuick / Core
GrammarON / For Picture mode / Keyboard 
Keyboard settingsLayout ABC / QWE
Prediction ON / OFF
Prediction settingsPictures / Word level / Phonetic match / delay (1-5 secs)
Audio SettingsVoiceVoices from  Ivona
Speedfast/ med / slow
What to speakEverything / mute folders / speak Msg box
Speak Action keysON / OFF
Access controlAdd passwordFor settings and Edit

HelpHelp Chat, Explain screen, Avaz FAQ
SearchSearch for any word in the picture vocabulary
Picture modeCore Words button1-touch access
Quick vocab1 touch-access
Mistake buttonFor user to indicate "I made a mistake"
Alert buttonA bell to call for attention
Picture Edit modeAdd / Change / delete any message(icon) / category(folder)
Add NewAdd new message (icon) / category (folder)
Add multiple items at one go
Find symbolsFrom library (Symbolstix library)
Add imagesFrom Camera/ Gallery / Download Web images (copyright free)
Speak AsPhonetic spell for better pronunciations
Record voiceRecord / Play / Delete
Word typeNoun / Verb / Descriptor / Phrase /Others
Word formsVerbs - tenses - Past, past participle, present, continuous, future
Nouns - singular, plural, possessive
Adjectives - simple, comparative, superlative
Color codeFitzgerald color code (modified)
Edit > Block actionsCopy / Paste items
Hide / Show items
Delete items
Print ...Make an Avaz Book (PDF) - low-tech version
Export category / Import category

Predictionwith pictures, with phonetic spell, 
8 words, phrase level
Frequency-based prediction
Quick response keys6 Customizable Quick response keys (Yes, No ..)
Save and Load Reuse frequntly used words or phrases at 1 touch
Alert buttonA bell to call for attention
UndoThe last action on the Message box
Shift key For switching to Caps case
Clear Message box

Avaz Live For live remote therapy sessions between parent and therapist
Avaz Dashboard A unique interactive series of modules for training parents and care-gviers on AAC