Hungarian user, Vince Nemeth using Avaz in different situations: 

In the words of Vince's parents, Zsolt & Veronika Nemeth:

"I wish to express our gratitude for creating the Avaz app, which helped our son enormously to develop himself and support his integration into the school education. 

We are from Hungary and using our Hungarian language for his Avaz. We have translated the words and expressions into Hungarian and our son is able to express himself in the school pretty well. Although he is the only one non-verbal child in his class, all the teachers and classmates can understand him. As we also kept an English version of the vocabulary, Avaz also helped him during our visits to hospitals abroad last year, as our son could say some basic sentences and greetings to the hospital staff in English as well. We have checked several apps before choosing Avaz and the user-friendly approach of your app and some special features convinced us to start using it.
Sharing a short video, showing how we are using Avaz in different situations:"