Ver 4.5_78    (Released on 22 Nov 2020)

New Features

  1. Personalized onboarding 
    • This is introduced to assist caregivers with getting onboarded, by asking a few basic questions regarding the user's interests and adding those items automatically into the app. 
  2. Changes in Vocabulary layout
    • The new vocabulary organization has been simplified with a view to reduce the clutter when the user signs up and begins using the app. Another change is to introduce a fixed set of Core words that are consistently available across all the folders of the Basic folder (set as Home screen) for providing easier access to the words without navigation. This is, again, to help a new user to start using the app with least navigation.
  3. Changes in Edit mode
    • We have introduced a complete UI for the users to make changes to their app.
    • The Edit mode is in Portrait mode

Version 4.1 (released on 10 June 2019) 

New features

  1. On-boarding with new pictures which gives insights about Avaz
  2. Simplified settings wizard 
  3. Content changes in the Sign up page
  4. Auto clear button added 
  5. Unlocked all the topics in the dashboard
  6. Displaying the saved sentences  
  7. Pop up note on double clicking the folders in Edit mode
  8. Updates in the Subscription page 
  9. FB and Instagram links added at the Asset downloading page