Note: This feature is  available only in Avaz Android (India) from Ver 4.5-78 till version 6.6. It has been discontinued from ver 6.6. 

Personalized onboarding is introduced to assist parents with getting onboarded and with customizing the app with the child's favourites. Personalizing the app is a very important step for communication intervention. Adding the child's favourites motivates the child to communicate since they see their favourite and familiar items in the app. 

This feature helps to seamlessly set up the app with the child's favourites, without any "editing" to be done by the caregiver. This helps to jump-start the personalization of the app with the child's favourites and get started right away. 

1. Add the child's personal details

After installing the app, you will be guided to add the AAC user's personal details and favourite items. Enter the child's name, photo, age and preferred pronoun. 

Adding their photo helps them establish a sense of identity to the device as their own "voice". 

2. Add the child's favourite foods

You can either select from a list of 15 items by tapping the list of icons displayed, or add your own item, by tapping the "+" icon below that. 

You can select between 3 (min) to 6 (max) items for each category. If you select only 3 items, we will offer another 3 as default options in each category. 

3. Add the child's favourite activities

You will get a similar screen to add the child's favourite activities / games. 

4. Start using the app! 

The app is now already set up with the child's favourite foods and activities and you are set to go! The Home screen is a simple interface with the child's photo to help identify as their own folder to express their needs and thoughts. 

Their folder contains their favourite foods and activities and a set of "core words" that are ready to be used. 

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