The vocabulary layout in Avaz India Android (Android) in version 4.5-78, has been revamped to give a cleaner, simpler interface to make it easier for the child to get started. 

The new vocabulary organization has been simplified with a view to reduce the clutter when the user signs up and begins using the app. Another change is to introduce a fixed set of Core words that are consistently available across all the folders of the Basic folder (set as Home screen) for providing easier access to the words without navigation. This is, again, to help a new user to start using theapp with least navigation.

The new vocabulary layout is slightly different from the existing vocabulary layout.

The changes are as follows:

  1. The previous BASIC folder has been renamed with the child's name, to make it easier for the user to use that as default Home page and the app is set to 18 pictures per page. 
  2. The Home screen will now have only 3 folders - Child's name folder (previously Basic folder), Advanced and Other languages (contains the folders for Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam).

  3. The changes are made only to the Basic folder and not in Advanced. 

  4. The middle row appears "blank" but it has hidden items. You can "unhide" or "show" these icons from the Edit mode. The words are intentionally kept hidden so as to not overwhelm new users with too much content to begin with. You will soon receive in-app notifications to show how to unhide the items.
  5. The other folders too have the same set of core words in the same positions. E.g. FOOD Folder. 
  6. The Activity folder containing the same set of core words in the same locations.
  7. The WEAR clothes folder containing a similar set of core words in the same locations.

    • Tap Edit button
    • The middle row items appear greyed out. Select all the items in the middle row. 
    • Tap Show 
    • Tap Done to exit the Edit mode. 
    • This will bring the hidden items into view. 
  8. After "unhiding" the middle row icons: HOME PAGE
  9. EAT folder after unhiding the hidden the middle row icons :
  10. ACTIVITIES folder after unhiding the middle row icons: 

For existing users of the app

    Updating the app

  • The existing users can choose to use the new vocab or stay with the old one. 
  • If they choose to use the new, they will be redirected to the on-boarding where they start entering their child details. 
  • The old vocabulary will be replaced with the new one and they could find their previous vocab as a backup under the settings.

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