Version 6.6.6 (May 2023)

New features added: 

  1. Touch Accommodations (To customize touch response based on user's motor capabilities)
  2. Photo Editing - Crop, rotate, choose the best picture for the word


  1. Improved readability - long phrases and words are no longer truncated on buttons


Version 6.6.5 (16 March 2023)

Avaz AAC App on iOS (Version 6.6.5) released on 16 March 2023 is a consolidated version of all the apps of the different languages that were previously existing as individual apps! The individual language apps have been removed from the App store and will no longer be supported. 

The languages consolidated into this app includes: 

  • English (US)

  • English (UK)

  • English (AU)

  • English (India) and 6 regional languages 

  • Magyar (Hungary)

  • Français (France)

  • Svenska (Sweden)

  • Sinhalese and Tamil with English

  • Føroyskt (Faroe Islands)

  • Dansk (Denmark)

In the new app, you can select the language while logging in to the app or later, from Settings. 

How to select the language?

This step of consolidating all languages into one app allows us to become more efficient in making changes to the app, and rolling out more frequent updates! 

Note that the new app does not have any country’s flag in the logo, on the app store.

What's new with Avaz ver 6.6.5?

  1. Auto backup 
    You can now set up Avaz to automatically backup your content once in 7 days /15 days. 
  2. Delete backup
    You can now delete the backups directly from within the app. 
  3. Cloud backup options
    You can now backup your content to Google Drive and iCloud, in addition to Dropbox. 

Are existing users affected by this transition ?

Yes, existing users of Avaz apps in any of the above languages will be affected and are required to migrate to the newer combined app. 

How to migrate my data from the existing app to the new app?

Why do I have to migrate to the new app?

Note: Since this is a consolidated app, some of the specific features available in individual apps may not be support.

Version 6.6

New / Changed Features 

1. Cleaner look 

  1. A new Menu Button 

The top panel of the app was dedicated to the Search, Edit, Help and Settings functions – that were used most frequently by the parents or professionals. These modules facilitate Avaz being set up for the communicator. 

In the new version, we have grouped them and moved it underneath a new Menu button on the top right corner. This reduces the number of ancillary buttons on the screen for the communicator and improves the usability.

  1. A customizable Side Navigation Bar

Talking to customers, we realized that communicators will find it useful for the navigation bar to be positioned according to their needs. 

So, now in the new version of Avaz, the side navigation bar can be positioned on the right or the left of the screen. You can also control what buttons show up on the side navigation bar.

2. New Themes

In addition to the cleaner visual feel of Avaz – with better well designed icons and buttons, we are adding the option of color themes in this version. 

You can choose a dark themed background, which is great for adult users and designed specifically for communicators using Avaz on eye tracking devices. We will be adding more colorful and vibrant themes in the coming months. 


3. Save phrases easily in Keyboard Mode

The Avaz Keyboard has upgraded the Load/Save feature. Communicators can now save phrases under Favorites in the Keyboard mode and group them by contexts. So, for example they can save phrases used at home and those used at school under different folders. They can have a separate comments folder for easy access at all times. It will make communication faster! 

A faster way to customize Avaz

Personalizing vocabulary in Avaz is one of the most important features. And hence, we have spent some time redesigning it to make it faster and more user friendly. We have rearranged buttons for faster access and added a Select All option. 

We are adding an Undo option so that you have the option to reverse your actions in case you deleted something by mistake. You can import or export vocabulary from Avaz by tapping the Folder settings, which makes it super simple to share only a particular folder from your device to another. 

5. Newer Text to Speech Voices

Our newer versions of Avaz will now offer ReadSpeaker voices along with the default Apple and Google voices. Our previous Text to Speech provider, Ivona, no longer updates their voices. So, after a detailed analysis and examination of all concerns, we found the best replacement for Ivona’s voice.

We understand that the change might be a big adjustment for the communicator. Rest assured that ReadSpeaker voices are of greater quality and consistency best suited for the Communicator. With Android, also have Google’s Text–to–Speech — you can see a list of Google’s languages and voices, as well as the device’s own TTS (as Samsung’s voice if you’re using a Samsung device).

An improved Message box

The new version will have a Message box with buttons for 

  • Sharing the message via WhatsApp/Email/Documents and share to friends and family

  • Clearing the entire message with just one tap


Create low-tech boards easily 

We have a new Tools option, where you can create a low-tech version of the Avaz vocabulary. While the functionality previously existed, it was hidden away from users. 

Create an Avaz book


Eye Tracking & Switch Support 

We modified Avaz’s visual design to make it easier for switch and eye gaze users to communicate using the app. We reworked some of the features that weren’t switch accessible previously – like the morphological forms of words shown in Avaz. 

New interface for Word Forms


Dashboard & Live 

We are currently re-working the Dashboard and Live features. We plan to have a newer version of those much loved features soon, hence you will not be able to see these features in the updated version.

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