New Features added in ver 6.6

Here are a list of new features added in Avaz version 6.6:

  1. Side Navigation bar is customizable
    1. FAQ: How to customize the side Navigation bar - position?
    2. FAQ: How to customize the side Navigation bar - buttons?
    3. FAQ: How to remove the side menu / Navigation bar?
  2. Select All / Unselect All - For block edits in vocab customization
    1. FAQ: How to do block edits or Select All ?
  3. App Theme
    1. FAQ: How to change the app theme or background?
  4. Delete Account
    1. FAQ: How to delete my account?
  5. Speak and Clear buttons on Message box
    1. FAQ: How to clear Message box contents?
    2. FAQ: How to get the App to speak the contents of the Message box?
  6. Menu button

    A new Menu icon has been added and the previously existing icons on the home page (Settings, Support, Edit ..) have all gone under the menu, rendering a cleaner interface.

Changed features

Here are some of the important changes in features in ver 6.6, as compared to previous versions:

  1. Favourites to Save frequently used phrases
    FAQ: How to manage frequently used messages through Favorites?
  2. Readspeaker voices replace Ivona Voices in Android.
    FAQ: How to change the voice?

Removed / deleted features 

  1. Avaz Live
  2. Dashboard