During the upgrade to version 6.6, here is what you may expect : 

  1. Previous Vocabulary Backup
    1. Your existing vocabulary gets auto-backed up locally on your device. Also, the old vocabulary will be upgraded to the latest format. 
    2. Your old backup will be backed up and available under Menu > Settings > Backup & Restore.  
    3. If you uninstall the app without syncing to Drop box you will lose the back up. Make sure you sync to Dropbox to back it up to the Cloud. 
    4. Drop box will be unlinked. You need to reconnect it from  Menu > Settings > Back up > Link to Dropbox = ON.
    5. For backups, the app will not support the .avz file formats anymore. (.avz was used in the earliest versions of Avaz. Since 2017, we have switched to .avt file formats)
  2. On upgrade, you will be logged out of the app. 
    1. Please re-login with your registered email id and password. 
    2. If you have forgotten your password, click on Forgot Password link in the login screen and you will get a mail with the Reset-password link to your email id. Please check your Spam folder also. 
    3. if you don't remember your email id, send us a mail to support@avazapp.com with details of your login name and possible email ids and we will assist you further. 
  3. After the upgrade, the grid size will be reset to 15 pics/ screen (for phones) and 24 pics per screen (for tabs / iPads). You will have to again set the required grid size as per the user's needs. You can do it through Menu > Settings > Pics per screen (grid size).
  4. If you try to download multiple voices, you may face storage issues. 
    1. You can delete voices that you try out, by using the Delete button next to each voice. This will free up some space in your device.
  5. More images added to the app library (Symbolstix symbols). The app now offers 65,000 symbols (3-times more) and superior quality, as offered through the Avaz picture library.

If you face any issues during upgrade, please write to us at support@avazapp.com.