For Avaz versions 6.6 and above:

If you have forgotten the login password: 

1. Click on the Forgot Password link in the Login window:

2. Enter your Avaz-registered email id, for receiving a mail for resetting the password: 

3. You will receive a mail in the registered email id, with the Reset password link. 

4. Click on the link to reset the password. 


If you don't receive the password reset mail, 

  1. Make sure you search in the Spam folder for the same. 
  2. If you're part of a school district, make sure you check with the school Network administrator. Some schools place restrictions on their mailbox where 3rd parties cannot send mails to their email ids. The network needs to be unblocked to allow for 3rd party mails to reach them. Once it is unblocked you will be able to receive mails for password reset.  

If you still don't receive any mail, write to us as

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