After the update (of Avaz 6.6+), in some rare cases, some icons maybe be missing, or replaced with a "?" symbol, as displayed below. 

The update requires a few resources to be downloaded onto your device, and this could take some time to complete in the background. In order to make the upgrade process faster we download the all the symbols for the words in the default vocabulary first and then download the extended vocabulary set once you are inside the app. Hence it may take some time for the complete set of resources to download. 

Here is what you can do from your end: 

  1. First check to see if the resource download, specifically if 'Extended Symbolstix' download has  been completed. 
  2. There would be a red dot showing up on the Menu button (top right corner) with details of the progress of the download.
  3. If the download was not successfully completed, the status would be visible in the menu. Failure to download can be due to multiple reasons - no internet, internet getting cut off, no space etc. 
  4. Post the completion of the download, please restart the app. 
  5. If images are still missing, please share your vocabulary with us by mail, for us to run a check from our end.