For users of iOS 15 to 1OS 16, you can use the following steps to migrate the app data to the new app. 

Migrate to new app

  1. Connect to Dropbox (from the same device or from the computer, connected using a suitable cable). 
  2. Login to Dropbox and click on Apps.

  3. Tap on the source app, where you want to port the data from. E.g. Avaz French Lite 

  4. The backup taken on the source app is displayed.

  5. Tap the 3 dots menu (ellipsis) on the top right, and select Move.

  6. Select the new combined app Avaz and tap Move button to move the backup to the new app.

  7. Tap Avaz to check if the backup is moved. Your backup is now available in Dropbox, in the Cloud.
  8. Now login to the new app, connecting to the same Dropbox account. 
  9. Go to Menu > Settings > Backup & Restore > List of Backups and tap on the backup name to restore it to the current app. 
  10. Select to Replace the current vocabulary. The new app now has your existing data from the previous app.