Why should I choose Avaz or what makes it unique, compared to other AAC Apps?

Given below is a a set of features that makes Avaz different from most other apps - it is not a detailed feature-by-feature comparison of Avaz versus other AAC apps. But this lists some of the unique features of Avaz that stand out, that are mostly not present in Proloquo and other popular AAC apps like TouchChat, Sonoflex, Words For Life, Speak For Yourself etc.    

1. Avaz is one of the easiest apps to use

  • Avaz is very easy to use and does not require much training / practice to start using it. 

2. Avaz is one of the quickest to customize 

  • Avaz is very quick to customize. It has some very useful features for customizing on the go. 
  • Adding multiple items at one go  (in picture mode) 

3. Powerful keyboard mode

  • Avaz has Picture and prediction support , both of which can be faded through settings - it also has Phonetic spelling support for poor spellers
  • Pictures in prediction (in keyboard mode) 
  • Phonetic spell check (in keyboard mode) 

4. Robust vocabulary for Pragmatic Communication and expression

  • Avaz offers three levels of inbuilt vocabulary sets (levels 1,2 and 3) that can be completely customized, depending on the child's needs. 
  • The vocabulary sets are pragmatically organized - i.e., the vocabulary organization encourages and facilitates a wide range of pragmatic communication and expression - e.g. greetings, expressing an opinion, asking a question, giving a response, commenting, protesting, refusing / rejecting, labeling, making a joke, agreeing / disagreeing, clarifying, instructing, expressing feelings etc. The organization hierarchy makes it easy to implement the above pragmatics while being used by the parent as well as the child. The vocabulary progression through the levels ensures consistent word locations, without disrupting the motor pattern that has already been learnt by the child. 

5. Caregiver training module

  • We, as app developers, believe that that our job does not end with providing you with an app; we believe that we need to also guide caregivers to help the child to communicate at home and in school. I
  • Avaz encourages and supports “modeling” communication (or Aided Language Input) on Avaz, for the child to follow and imitate. It uses novel methods to guide the care-giver to become fluent with the app so, teach them therapist-recommended strategies for communication, and suggests simple practical ideas that they could use to model words across different activities through the day; and over time, the child will develop communication and language, by observing and mimicking.

  • The caregiver training can be accessed through the Training Dashboard. 
    • The training includes Practice sessions of Avaz usage - to help you learn Avaz vocabulary layout, through sample conversation sentences of daily use. 
    • Click here to read How does Practice sentences help me learn the app vocabulary?
    • It also teaches Communication Strategies that are practical, simple yet effective that are based on global SLP best practices. These are introduced through a series of 8-games that are based on specific scenarios of the child's daily activities. The training section also provides you with a number of useful tips, conversation ideas and resources that would facilitate and guide you towards a more successful AAC implementation for the child. 
    • Click here to read How to learn Communication strategies through Communication Adventure game?

6. Data Logging / Analytics to see the child's progress
  • Avaz is constantly tracking the app usage in the background. You can track the child's progress with language development through in-built Analytics. By encouraging the child to communicate over various activities through the day, the child’s vocabulary and language develop through generalization of words over different contexts.
  • The Analytics section provides you with detailed charts. Click here to read What kind of Analytics does Avaz provide?

7. Low tech version of Avaz (printout of vocabulary)
  • You can take a printout of the entire Avaz vocabulary that can serve as a low-tech option for the child. We strongly believe that we need to ensure that the child's voice is ALWAYS available to him at any time, regardless of technology! There are times when you are unable to use the device  - e.g. when the device is charging, or under repair, while bathing, or at the swimming pool etc. So in order to make available a backup that can always be with him, we offer an option to take a printou that can be laminated into an Avaz Book and carried around anywhere! 

8. Multi-language support

This is not a complete list of differences, but just some of the key ones.