Children with fine motor difficulties may accidentally swipe the screen which results in a scroll. You can disable the swipe and provide for buttons to scroll the screen instead. Note that this setting is relevant only for Avaz Picture mode. 

To change the direction of the scroll: 

For Avaz Ver 6.6+

  1. Tap Menu > Settings
  2. Select Swipe Action to Navigate and turn it OFF. This prevents the page from scrolling with a swipe and instead adds two buttons as arrow keys. 

Scroll direction

If the app has horizontal scroll, then the Horizontal scroll buttons are added in the navigation bar on the right. If the app vocabulary supports vertical scroll, then the buttons displayed are for vertical scroll. 

If the app has vertical scroll, then the vertical scroll is enabled through buttons. 

For Avaz 4.0 and above:

Tap Settings >Page Swipe and turn it OFF. This deactivates the page swipe and introduces arrow keys (left and right arrows) for scrolling through the pages. The arrow keys replace the Alarm and Mistake buttons in the picture mode.

For versions less than Avaz 4.0

Tap Settings > Page up & down keys(under Picture settings) and turn ON to turn off the screen scroll.