Avaz is accessible for people with motor issues, including for people with severe motor issues (qudariplegic / Cerebral Palsy) ; you can even use Avaz by connecting to external switches. 

Here are the various methods for assisting people with motor issues: 

1. Remove Page scroll in Avaz

This removes the page scroll and locks the page and provides arrow keys instead of page swipe- click here to read - How do I lock the page or remove page swipe/ page scroll?

2. Alter Touch sensitivity of the iPad touch screen - Touch Accommodations

If the user has stimming or difficulty using the touchscreen, you can adjust these settings in the iPad Settings to change how the screen will respond to touches - click here-> How to set up Touch Sensitivity in the iPad?

3. Use Avaz in Auto-Scan mode

This requires Switch control Auto scanning moves focus automatically after a specified duration. You can set up auto scanning using iPad settings. Accessibility >  Switch Control, Scanning Style -> Auto-scan. 

4. Use external Switches with Avaz with Manual scanning

If the user is unable to isolate fingers for selection of a button, you may require Switch access. Purchase an external switch and configure it through the iPad Settings.

Switch accessibility is a type of assistive technology that enables people with physical or cognitive disabilities to access an iPad. There are a wide variety of switches as well as many different ways to activate them.

External switches used with Switch Control allows you to use your iPad by sequentially highlighting items on the screen that can be activated through an adaptive accessory (external switch)

Click on the link here to read about How do I use external switches with Avaz?

A person with CP with quadriplegia uses Avaz, with 3 switches. Click here to read about how Heather Peters uses Avaz: Heather Peter using Avaz with swtiches.

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