Heather Peters

Here is an amazing young woman, with Cerebral Palsy and quadriplegia, who has been using Avaz for several years, using 3 external switches!! She composes music, songs and even runs a bead business!! Check out her website.. Heather's World 

"I can’t talk but it doesn’t stop me from liking the same things other people like. I like music, cats, and friends. I write original songs .. " - Heather Peters

The Avaz team had the opportunity to personally visit and interact with her and her family in 2016!  Given below are some of the pics captured by the team, during the visit.

Heather Peters with her mother                                               Uses Avaz with 3 switches wired with her wheelchair

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Uses 3  Switches - Previous, Next and Select                       Uses 2 switches behind each foot, and one behind elbow

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Switch behind the foot


Here's a brief video of how Heather uses her feet and elbow to activate the 3 switches for using Avaz: 

Heather tries using Direct Selection to select a word, using Dwell time configured in the iPad settings.