In Aditi's words, how Avaz has impacted her life: 

My voice

What is the one thing that makes humans stand apart from other life forms , apart from superior intelligence ? It is the ability to communicate and relate to one another using language .The notions of civilised society , shared values and culture and our way of life itself is a byproduct of our need to belong and our ability to communicate .

I am a person with Autism - a neurodevelopment disorder that causes difficulty in socialisation and communication . I

 am a minimally verbal person and I use Avaz to communicate .

I was first introduced to Avaz in January 2020, when I joined Ishanya India Foundation . I was fourteen then. As I picked up the ability to type my thoughts out , I achieved a sense of liberation . Finding your voice is a very cathartic feeling . Having your voice heard is joy in its purest form .

The ability to type on my laptop followed as a natural corollary . I started to write small anecdotes and stories that was appreciated in my tiny circle of family and educators. This motivated me to write more .

I wrote my first blog in November 2021 and was elated with the response I got . I now have ten published blogs to my credit . I have also authored a collection of short stories that Ishanya is in the process of getting published . I aspire to write much more . Avaz opened up the magical world of words - these words that question the notion of a lack of inner world in us autistics, is my superpower and I hope to use it well .

Everyone deserves to have a voice and every voice needs to be heard . I found my voice in Avaz, a voice that has opened up a world of endless possibilities.

Aditi Sowmyanarayan

Aditi says on Avaz "Finding your voice is liberating and cathartic. Thank you Avaz"

We asked Aditi a few follow up questions and here are the responses:  

Team Avaz's Question : 

Some parents and professionals often hesitate to introduce Avaz for their young child, and prefer to wait for their speech to develop. What is your message to them? 

Aditi's Response: 

Aditi replies using Avaz AAC : 

"I think that communication is the key to being understood, to learn and grow, and one does not rule out the other, so why wait?"

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